Researchers at Crater Lake


researchersUniversity of Washington Oceanographers pose together at Crater Lake in July 1940. From left are Thomas Thompson, Lyman Phifer, Rex Robinson, Clinton Utterback, and Donald Farner.

  1. Researchers – Doug Larson, 1967 – 1985
  2. Researchers – Clarence Edward Dutton, 1886
  3. Researchers – Charles R. Bacon
  4. Researchers – Rod K. Cranson
  5. Researchers – Howell Williams
  6. Researchers – Jack Dymond
  7. Researchers – Frederick Vernon Coville

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Douglas Larson

Douglas Larson is a limnologist who worked intermittently at Crater Lake from 1967-85.

Clarence E. Dutton

In 1886, Captain Dutton was sent to survey and sound Crater lake.

Charles R. Bacon

Charlie Bacon is a USGS Geologist who has done a tremendous amount of work at Crater Lake.

“Rod” K. Cranson

Rod served as an interpretive ranger at Crater Lake for seven seasons.

Frederick V. Coville

Frederick Coville (1867-1937) was a botanist to first describe several Crater Lake plants.

Howel Williams

Renowned geologist who did much work at Crater Lake from the mid-1930s to the early 1940’s.

J.S. Diller

In 1883, USGS geologist J.S. Diller lead the first Geological survey party to Crater Lake.

Jack Dymond

Jack Dymond (1939-2003) was an oceanographer involved in lake research.

Gary Larson

Gary Larson is an aquatic biologist who headed the Crater Lake Limnological Studies Program, beginning in 1985.

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Robert Collier


Stan Geiger


John R. Donaldson


James Simpson

Herbert Volchock


Harold V. Kibby


Mark Buktenica


Elizabeth Horn

James Malick


Manuel Nathenson


Mark Brickell Kerr – USGS