Researchers – Clarence Edward Dutton, 1886

Clarence Edward Dutton

In July 1886, in a further effort to involve the federal government in Crater Lake’s future, Will Steel persuaded Director Powell to send another Geological Survey party under Captain Dutton to the area to make a more thorough examination by surveying and sounding the lake. [Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake NP]



Clarence E. Dutton, Photo courtesy USGS


Clarence E. Dutton, Photo courtesy USGS

Clarence Dutton remarked in 1886 on the emotional reaction which the lake aroused in its visitors:

It was touching to see the worthy but untutored people, who had ridden a hundred miles in freight-wagons to behold it, vainly striving to keep back tears as they poured forth their exclamations of wonder and joy akin to pain.

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