Superintendents – William Gladstone Steel, 1913-1916

William Gladstone Steel

william-gladstone-steelWilliam Gladstone Steel william-steelWilliam Gladstone Steel Standing in front of the superintendent’s office at Crater Lake National Park, 1915. Courtesy of Klamath County Museum

Born in Stafford, Ohio in 1854, William Steel is regarded as the “Father of Crater Lake National Park.” Steel spent years lobbying and fighting for National Park status of Crater Lake.

He served as the park’s second superintendent, pushed for development of Crater Lake, co-founded the Mazama’s mountaineering club, and did much to conserve the natural resources of Crater Lake National Park.

Steel died November 21, 1934. He was buried in Medford’s Siskiyou Memorial Park wearing his NPS uniform.

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