Smith Brothers 1883

Dr. J.S. Diller begins his first scientific explorations of the Lake and the area. The first official Lake soundings are made. 1168 soundings show the Lake to be 2008 feet deep. Dr. Diller names Cloudcap because of its high dome. The Wineglass is named because of its wineglass shape.
Geologist Everett Hayden assists Dr. Diller in his scientific explorations. They cut logs and tumble them over the cliffs, make a raft and paddle over to the Island. Diller discovers the “back flow” near Cleetwood Cove which bears his name and is the first to advance the “collapse” of the mountain theory. He reasons that it was during the draining away of molten lava through subterranean passages which weakened the support of the peak and occasioned the ultimate destruction. Diller concludes that the top of the old volcano must have been engulfed.


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