Smith Brothers 1888

William Steel plants the first fish in the Lake. Steel started with 200 fingerlings from the Rogue River and ended up planting 37. Steel carried the small tin bucket the entire 49 miles to Crater Lake because the swaying of the wagon dumped the water. The water in the bucket was refreshed frequently whenever he crossed a stream. By 1901, some of the fingerlings had reached a length of two and a half feet.

Anderson Springs named by Captain O.C. Applegate for Frank M. Anderson, of the University of California with whom the captain had circled the Rim crests of the Lake on foot, the first to make the trip. (??) They camped late in the afternoon, the first day near Mt. Scott, with Anderson discovering the spring bearing his name.

Senator Dolph introduces two bills to set aside Crater Lake as a State Park. The bill passes the Senate in 1890.

Oregon State Supreme Court Justice, J.B. Waldo, along with William Taylor, H.P. Minto, E.J. Humason, F.W. Isherwood, walked from Waldo Lake to Crater Lake, along the crest of the Cascades carrying a canvas boat. Humason and Isherwood carried the boat over the side of the Rim and assembled the boat at the Lake shore. Taylor and Waldo row to Wizard Island. It took 2.5 hours to carry the boat back to the Rim. Judge Waldo carried the gunwales and paddles. The party then continues on to the Sky Lakes area south of Crater Lake.


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