Smith Brothers 1889

February 14
Judge John Waldo, member of the Oregon House, introduces a state memorial petitioning Congress to establish a forest reserve or preserve along the crest of the Cascade Range. It was to be 12 miles on either side of the divide and was to be managed by a joint state and Federal commission. The memorial cited the low commercial value of the forest but the value of its streams and lakes. Eventually defeated by the grazing industry. (Williams, 1991)

August 7 – 29
Party composed of Miss Carrie Beekman of Jacksonville, Miss Nina Beekman of Dundee, NY, Miss Anna Breyman of Salem, OR, Prof. G.H. Watt, principal of Jacksonville Public Schools, Everett Mingus of Medford, K.K. Kubli and Fletcher Linn of Jacksonville, start on a “pleasure” trip to Crater Lake. Vehicles are large wagon for provisions, drawn by steady farm horses, and carriage drawn by spirited livery team. (Fletcher Linn Diary, SOHS)

August 15
Ft. Klamath is closed and abandoned. According to Fletcher Linn’s diary (SOHS) “Fort Klamath was built by (my) Father during the Indian trouble of 1864.

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