Smith Brothers 1901

Diller again spots the same upright, broken off tree, floating in the Lake that he spotted in 1898. “Owing to the steep slope of the rim, a tree frequently slides into the water in an erect position, and as the lower part becomes water-logged, it floats about the lake with only a few feet of the top projecting above the water and thus furnishes a spectacle curious to excite the imagination,” Diller writes.

Record Lake level established by Diller at 6,178.545 feet above sea level.

July 20
Diller Pin and graph established on a Lake rock, 3.5 feet above the Lake level using the original Mazama level, directly below Rim Village, near the old Lake Trail.

August 13
Mazama copper box found in 5 feet of water at Danger Bay, 3.5 miles from where it was first established. The records have been well preserved.

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