Smith Brothers 1909

March 23
A photographer traveling with the Southern Pacific farm demonstration train says, “Oregon’s greatest resource, the one thing that will make and keep her world famous, is Crater Lake.”

July 20
The first lodging in the Park consists of tent houses on the Rim (Camp Crater) and at Camp Arant (Anna Springs) there is a small hotel, store and gas station, built by the Crater Lake Company. After choosing the site where the Mazamas gathered in 1896,Steel supplies the funds to begin construction of the Crater Lake Lodge. (The Lodge of the Imagination.) Work was slow due to labor disputes, supply problems, and financing difficulties. Steel plans to have an electric plant available for lighting.

July 25
The “Medford Mail Tribune” reports that snow has finally disappeared from the road to Crater Lake and travel there will soon begin. “Visitors this year will probably exceed last year’s record of 5,000”

Workmen are installing wooden pipes for the new Rim water system bringing up water from Munson Springs.

August 21
A telegraph line has been installed from the developing Rim Village area to Park Headquarters at Annie Springs.

1909 Season
$1,100 spent repairing buildings, roads and purchasing tools. Forest fires were numerous and damaging in the surrounding forests. Employees consist of the Superintendent and one ranger. Problems with campers cutting tree boughs for beds. Two camps in park. One at Camp Arant, near the Superintendent’s headquarters and one at Camp Crater on the Rim. Camp Crater first opened July 20, 1909. 419 persons accommodated at camp Arant and 125 persons at Camp Crater. 4,171 people registered at the entrance station. It is estimated that another 900 did not register.

Two concessions are in operation in the park. One for lodging (two hotels) and one for transporting visitors in and around the park. Both concessions were owned by the Crater Lake Company. The new Lodge’s foundation has been completed.

Administration building and a ranger’s cabin built at Anna Spring.

Steel goes before Congress seeking $10,000 with which to make a preliminary survey of a system of roads for the Park, which was soon secured. The survey work was completed in 1912.

Season Visitation: 4,171

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