Smith Brothers 1910

January 17
The U.S. Forestry Bureau will spend $10,000 on Crater Lake next year. Over half the sum will be spent improving the roads.

William Steel of the Crater Lake Company completes arrangements for an auto stage line between Medford and Klamath Falls via Crater Lake. A crew of men followed Steel’s road inspection tour to work over difficult spots along the road. Seven machines will be in use, with the trip to the Lake taking 9 hours. The fare to be charged will be $25. An extensive advertising campaign is being planned. Seely Hall of Medford is hired as one of the new drivers.

June 16
Alfred Parkhurst, the Lodge company’s major stockholder, visits the Park and announces that the new hotel will now be made from stone. The Lodge will be ornamented in design, be 150 feet long, have glassed porches facing the Lake, and contain four great stone chimneys. (MT)

July 1
Alfred Parkhurst states that the “guest hall” will be 50 by 80 feet in size, with a great fireplace at either end. At the west end a huge fireplace will be built for outdoor campfires. (MT)

July 7
Automobile stage service to Crater Lake thrice weekly is inaugurated. Comfortable tents with oil heating stoves are available for those who wish to camp.

July 25
In an Oregonian interview, Frank Keyes, Loge building contractor, states that the Lodgewill be constructed of stone throughout. The material is to come from one of the “nearby volcanic ledges” and will be hauled about half a mile. Although rough, it is supposedly splendid building rock but is a little difficult to handle. “A large amount of cement will be used.” In each room, there will be a large fireplace and mantle “like the old-timers of the backwoods country were used to.”

August 24
Forest fire situation becomes so alarming and dangerous in the mountains adjacent to the Park that for a period of two weeks or more there is scarcely any travel to Crater Lake. Roads are very dusty. Superintendent Arant recommends that three good road sprinklers be purchased.

October 9
Two Rim roads proposed, one for autos and one for horsedrawn vehicles.

5,000 visitors. Fishing reported excellent. Rainbow trout 14 to 20 inches. 50,000 Rainbow Trout are liberated into the lake.

Hiram Copeland of Fort Klamath employed by the government on the crew that blazed the boundary line around the Park. The work was finished in the vicinity of the South Entrance, and it was “Uncle Hiram” Copeland who made the boundary monument now standing there. He died soon after the survey was completed. The Park’s Copeland Creek was named in his honor.

While boatmen rowed Ann Shannon Monroe, an authoress, about the Lake, a strong wind arose in the vicinity of the bay now called Danger Bay.

First part of the Lodge construction begins on the Rim at a cost of $75,000. The lodge will contain the largest fireplace in the state. Main part of the Lodge will be built in 1912.

Superintendent’s residence built at Anna Spring. Large forest fires in the Park. Two men lost in the forest of the park and are never found.

Two Locomible, 40 horsepower, seven passenger auto stages are put in operation between Medford’s Hotel Nash and Crater Lake. The trip fare remains at $25.00. “Automobile Rim Road boulevard around Crater Lake will be constructed. A wagon road also will be built nearby.”

Iva Clark (Park), 16 and brother Theo Clark, 14, from Portland, while canoeing on the Lake, end up spending the night on Wizard Island because of bad storms and high winds. Their mother spends the night at the Lake shore, below the Lodge thinking her children have drowned. She met them with tears and blankets when they paddled back in the morning.

1910 Season
716 guests accommodated at the Park’s two hotels. Four trails in the Park, one runs from the wagon road 3 miles south of the Lake to Garfield Peak, Applegate Peak, Sun Creek and Sand Creek and Mt. Scott, 10 miles. One trial runs from Anna Spring to Union Peak, 5 miles, and one runs from Anna Springs to Beebe Prairie for 8 miles. All trails, except the Lake Trial are little more than horse tracks. The Lake Trail measures 3, 580 feet in length. Season: 3,736 visitors.

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