Smith Brothers 1919

“Petrified” mummy of an Indian woman “discovered” one fourth mile from Government Camp. “Mummy” claimed by persons to be older than the Egyptian mummies. Turns out to be the “Lady of the Woods.”

August 8
P.C. Bigham and Vaughn Zundell depart from Medford for Crater Lake. They have a contract to catch trout in sufficient number to provide an ample fish dinner for 300 Editorial Association visitors.

August 15
Senator McNary introduces bill in Congress to add 94,880 acres to the Park. Passes the Senate but fails to pass the House. The addition would have included Diamond Lake and the 3/4 mile strip of Klamath County West of the Park, up to the edge of Jackson County.

August 18
Stephen Mather spends the night in the new Lodge. Complains of horrible dusty roads and being forced to sleep four to a bed.

Plans laid for the erection of a small hotel at White Horse Creek.

Cost of roads and trails set at $640,000. Cathedral Spire, named by John Maben because of its resemblance to a great cathedral. The Pacific Crest Trail (The Oregon Skyline Trail) is surveyed along the crest of the Cascades. Zane Grey and brother visit the Park for fishing purposes .

Suggestions by Superintendent Lewis of Yosemite and a government committee results in the adoption of the Park Service uniform which was to remain the same until 1946. Prior to 1935, all employees, including the Washington office, wore the National Park Service uniform. Season: 16,645 visitors.

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