Smith Brothers 1923

February 15
Col. Charles G. Thompson named Crater Lake’s new superintendent. Thompson Creek and Spring named during Thompson’s superintendency by Will Steel.

March 31
Former Superintendent Alex Sparrow leaves the Park for Medford to become a Jackson County Judge. (County Commissioner)

July 20
Wizard Island proposed as a landing field because of the absence of fog.

July 28
Richard W. Price appointed as the Park’s 5th Postmaster.

The Park superintendent and rangers spend several days transporting explosives and red-fire to Wizard Island. At the proper time an impromptu eruption of the volcano was staged for the benefit of Park visitors. Public talks had been given, where the visitors were told Wizard Island was showing signs of warmth and a genuine eruption could be expected within a few days.

14,000 Cut Throat and 11,000 Steelhead liberated in the Lake.

Two army planes fly over Crater Lake. They claim to be the first planes to fly over the Lake.

70 foot log boat landing built on the Island.

The Park Superintendent asks for a budget of $35,000. The whole amount is expected to be appropriated. The superintendent also requests help from the Bureau of Entomology because groups of lodgepole pine in the northern portion of the Park ware being killedby the mountain pine beetle. Because the dominant tree within the park is lodgepole pine, Col. Thomson predicted that the Park would become, “a windblown, sandy desert without the pines.” Thus begins a major battle against the Bark Beetle, lasting until 1934. 20,311 trees are eventually treated at a cost of $17,357. (Boyd Wickman, U.S.F.S)

Park road surfacing begins. Completed five years later in 1928.

Season Visitation: 52,017

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