Smith Brothers 1925

Road paving begins on the Klamath Falls to Medford road.

May 5
Orson Stearns, first recorded white man to touch the waters of Crater Lake dies in Ashland.

July 9
John D. Rockefeller visits the Park. Ray Wilbur, Secretary of the Interior announces that the U.S. Government will spend $1 million paving the Rim Road around Crater Lake.

July 23
Willard Von Nome of the American Museum of Natural History becomes alarmed when he learns that the government plans to promote legislation to cut off the southwestern part of the Park and allow the forests to be opened up to lumbermen. Steel claims that the lower elevation forests create a fire danger and should be excluded from the Park.

September 20
A bronze plaque is dedicated in memory of John Wesley Hillman. Will Steel places the plaque on a large boulder near Discovery Point. A heavy snowstorm which deposited more than a foot of snow at the Rim, held down attendance, forcing the ceremonies into the Lodge. Speakers included Will Steel and Capt. O.C. Applegate. (The plaque is stolen in 1968 and is mailed back to the Park by a police department on the Oregon Coast)

Betty Brenton, 15 years of age, claims to be the first woman to swim from the Lake Trail to Wizard Island. (Reported by her sister, who followed along in a row boat, Margaret Coats, 145 Mountain Circle Dr., Sumner, WA. 98390.

September 29
The “Eugene Register Guard” says, “If Hillman deserves a bronze tablet, then Steeldeserves a statue.”

The Park’s weather station is discontinued at Annie Spring. It is reestablished at a Rim location in November of 1926 at an elevation of 7,086 feet. During the next four years it remained at the Rim, but for some unexplained reason several fairly extended periods of data are missing.

1925 Season
For the first time in its history, Crater Lake entertained guests from every state in the Union.
Annie Spring Bridge built, a 3 span timber structure, 78 feet along. Also the upper end of the Crater Lake Highway receives a heavy coat of shale to proved a solid base for future paving and dust control.
22,500 Silver Salmon are liberated in the Lake.

Season Visitation: 65,018 visitors.


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