Smith Brothers 1927

First annual Crater Lake Ski Race staged from 1/2 mile south of Ft. Klamath, up to the Lodge on the Rim and back again to the Fort, a distance of 42.6 miles and a total elevation climb of 2,200 feet. Won by Manfred Jacobson of McCloud, California, in 7 hours and 34 minutes. A crowd of over 1,000 people showed up at the Fort to cheer on the race participants.

The greatest snow depth ever officially recorded by the weather bureau in Oregon when 242 inches (20.16 feet) of snow are measured in Rim Village at an elevation of 7,086 feet.

The first road oiling project is begun at the Rim to fight the blowing pumice dust after a new road from Munson Valley reaches Rim Village. The new route changed the Village’s circulation patter because it now enters the area at the plaza created by the NPS instead of near the Lodge. The old 1914 route is abandoned.

July 1
200 visitors visit the Park’s temporary museum in the Community House. A relief model of the park has been added, together with temporary cases to contain the bird specimens prepared by Dr. Loye Miller. The insect and rock collections are being rapidly increased. Many exhibits are waiting the construction of a more permanent building. Miss Mabel Hibbaird, of Yosemite, is in charge of the temporary museum. Dale Leslie of Eugene has been assigned as a Ranger-Naturalist. Frederick Wynd is assisting in the preparation of material for the “Manual of Information”.

The Park begins initial work on the development and improvements on the Rim campground. Initially the Rim Camp was not planned or approved. It developed more or less spontaneously. Three comfort stations are erected in the camp during the summers of 1927, 28 and 29.

Construction of the New Lake Trail is begun, with a maximum grade of 15%. Trail opens the summer of 1929. The Rim Cafeteria building is constructed, built by the Salter Construction Co. of Prospect. The Lodge Company used Italian stone cutters from California. In order for visitors to see the Lake earlier in the season, 15 miles of road was cleared of snow by using explosives and shovels.

Pumice slide in Annie Creek Canyon forms Shadow Pool, a short distance upstream from the junction of Annie Creek and Goodbye Creek. Named by John Maben.

A new winter Superintendent’s stucco residence built in Medford on Queen Anne Street. Stone comfort stations are built at the Lake shore, at the terminus of the new Lake Trail.

Ten campgrounds are located in the Park. A new bridge is built across Goodbye Creek.

September 16
Charles Lindburg flies over Crater Lake in the Spirit of St. Louis.

Season 1927 81,155 visitors.

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