Smith Brothers 1928

Manfred Jacobson of McCloud, California wins the second 42.6 mile Crater Lake Ski Race.

Naturalist staff expresses anticipation of improved roadside flower displays because of the completion of the road paving. The largest grading project ever attempted on the Rim is done in front of the Lodge with Fresno scrapers. A pump house is constructed at Munson Spring (torn down in 1977)and water pipes laid.

1928 or 1929
Lela Mead, 211 Glenn Allen Ave., Silver Springs, MD tells about a small boy standing beside a large Hemlock in the Rim Campground, when lightning struck the tree. The boy was so scared he left his shoes behind as he jumped out of them.

1928 or 1929
Eleanor Holmes, English Channel swimmer, swims Crater Lake. Ms. Holmes states after the swim that if the English Channel had been as cold, she would never have swum it. (oral story) Miss Holmes was dismissed from the 1936 Olympic swimming team for drinking Champaign with the press corps while on the boat to Germany (or it may have been on the way back.)

64,000 Rainbow Trout liberated in the Lake.

New cabin built at Park Headquarters and is assigned to Judge Steel and his wife.

The first edition of “Crater Lake Nature Notes”. 40% of all visitors camped with 28,000 campers being registered at the Rim Campground. Nine campgrounds are listed as being in the Park: Wheeler Creek, Lost Creek, two at Annie Spring, Headquarters, Cold Springs, Cold Creek, White Horse and one at the Rim.

(some sources say, 1933)
The Old Man of the Lake is definitely identified by boat operator Paul Herron and named by Fred Kiser, park photographer. The old log may not be the same one referred to byDiller as the log he describes in his report of 1896, but Diller’s description fits the “Old Man” quite closely.

Crater Wall Trail completed in front of the Cafeteria and store plaza at Rim Village. The trail was known to locals as the Kiser Trail. Several housekeeping cabins have been constructed along with wide sidewalks along the Rim and 17 miles of Park roads are black-topped. “The Park now has 21 miles of paved roads.”

“At the Rim a new road was completed and oiled distributing traffic to the new Cafeteria and cabin group, to the campground and to the hotel. On each side of the boulevard area is an 18 foot parking strip and along the Crater is a wide promenade for pedestrians.”

Season Visitation: 113,323 visitors.

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