Smith Brothers 1936

Andirons built for the new Administration Building Fireplace from old rock drill bits used during the Rim Drive construction

W.D. Smith and C.R. Swartzlow cast doubt on the idea that Crater Lake was formed by engulfment. On the basis of evidence offered by new exposure, they maintain that Dillerhad been misled concerning the volume of coarse objects around the Rim. In their opinion, there seemed to be ample fragmental explosions. They claimed that much of the shattered top of the volcano was blown far beyond the confines of the Park and are concealed beneath the mantle of pumice, and that much has been removed by erosion, and it appeared to them that the shape of the colder was indicative of explosion.

A $350,000 contract awarded for the building of a 1.1 mile section of the Dutton Cliff Road. The job required three years to complete with two shifts of 30 men, each working from July through October. Mr. Bernard Zouicki laid the “dry wall” to heights of 150 feet. The hanging of the road on Dutton Cliff is one of the toughest construction jobs attempted in the Northwest.

The Park now has seven seasonal houses, with two rooms, and eight employee stone cottages with two bedrooms. The remainder of the employees live in tents.

First bird banding in the Park is done by Seasonal Naturalist Quaintance. 16 Clark’s Nutcrackers are banded with aluminum bands.

250,000 Silver Salmon and 250,000 Steelhead are liberated in the Lake.

June 15
The new Headquarters building is finished and occupied.

Mrs. Mabel Hedgepeth of Prospect becomes the first woman to ski around the Rim. Her husband works as a heavy equipment operator in the Park.

Rangers apprehend the driver of a stolen car.

May 1
Company number 544, CCC, moves to the Park to start road construction.

July 6
Rescue of person off ledge, halfway to the Lake.

July 20
Fatal fall from below Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

September 22
A $5 fine is imposed on a local man for taking a nap at Crater Lake while being intoxicated.

October 25
Rescue of a boy who climbed down a pumice slide near the Watchman and swam to Wizard Island. The boy was too cold for a return swim.

Season Visitation: 180,382

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