Smith Brothers 1937

The Alex Sparrow Memorial Highway is established between Prospect and the Park’s west boundary.

May 31
Young lady falls to her death near Sinnott Overlook.

Guy Hartell of Klamath Falls begins working on road crew and as a snow plow operator. Leaves in 1942 when the Park closes because of the War and is rehired in 1956 after spending 14 years working for the State Highway Department. Guy finally retires in 1970.

Rim drive is paved.

100,000 Rainbow trout and 50,000 Silver Salmon released into the Lake. 1270 anglers fished from row boats with 1307 fish begin taken.

August 4
E.P. Leavitt enters on duty as Park Superintendent. Mr. Leavitt still holds longevity record of Park superintendent: 15 years. Arant is second with 11 years.

Dr. Arthur Hasler of the University of Wisconsin lowers an 8-inch-diameter white Secchi disk into the lake and observes it disappear at the extraordinary depth of 131 feet. (See 1969)

Record Visitation to date of 202,403.

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