Smith Brothers 1940

October 31, 1941

The film “Sun Down” starring Jean Tierney, Bruce Cabot and Harry Harey, and produced by Walter Wranger is filmed on the waters of Crater Lake. The theme was a gun smuggling ring in East Africa. A large amount of lumber was put down at the Wineglass for props. A seaplane was used to haul equipment, the actors, and the film crew down to the Lake. The plane was moored in Fumerole Bay for several days. All Lake tours were canceled so that the MIN would be available to transport the movie crew and actors around to various points on the shore. Following the filming, Paul Herron packed much of the lumber out of the lake on his back in order to build household furniture with the salvaged wood.

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1930’s and 1940’s

Story persists that a dish was placed in the Lake below Sinnott Memorial Overlook to show how clear the Lake is. Some say it was a dinner plate from the lodge. (A drawing of the Lodge could be seen on the plate.) Others claim the disc was 10 feet in diameter. Depth of the “plate” in the Lake varies from 10 feet up to 150 feet beneath the surface.

Fish taken from the Lake: 1937 – 1302, 1938 – 1424, 1939 – 976 1940 – 4188, 1941 – 7301, 1942 – 300, 1946 – 97, 1947 – 23, 1948 – 15, 1949 – 250 (13 Rainbows and 227 Salmon), 1950 – 690 with 229 fishermen reporting.

Paul Rockwood, of the National Park Laboratories, Western Division, Emeryville, California, produces three paintings, under the direction of geologist Howel Williams, showing the various phases of Mt. Mazama’s eruptions.

June 15

Rescue of two men off Garfield Peak, down toward the Lake.

August 16

Search for and the rescue of three lost boys from the Crater Wall.


Last plant made in park streams: 30,919 Rainbow; 66,350 Eastern Brook.

837 anglers on Lake with 4,188 fish taken. 85,020 Rainbow liberated in the Lake.


Burt Simmons, of 3209 Monmoth, Pleasonton, California, and former crew member, tells of the landing of sea planes on Crater Lake as they practiced hiding from the Japanese attack. The sea planes practiced landing on several Cascade Mountain lakes. The story was kept very quiet for security purposes.


Over 900 truck loads of peat, topsoil and sand are spread around Rim Village

October 30

Lake level reaches an all time low of 6,162.2 feet, a fluctuation of 16.245 feet over a 48 year period. Gaines 15 feet by 1958.


Cluster office is established each winter in Medford, serving Crater Lake, Lava Beds and Oregon Caves. Chief Ranger maintains a winter Park office, for visitor contact, in Klamath Falls, the Gateway City. Radio contact is made with each Park area from Medford several times during the day.

Season Visitation: 252,482

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