Smith Brothers 1946

Last recorded sighting of beaver activity along Annie Creek.

Major National Park Service uniform change when the wearing of slacks and shoes replaces the breech pants and boots.

Following the end of WWII, Crater Lake is again reopened on a year-round basis.

Snow crushes the dinning hall-bunkhouse. (Presently known as the Canfield Building)

June 15
The Lodge reopens after being closed for four years during the war. Much damage to be repaired.

Tourists capture a cougar kitten from Munson Valley. The kit-napping was discovered as the car was about to leave the West Entrance checking station.

July 8
A year round weather station is again established at Park Headquarters.

July 19
Rescue of two persons from below the Lodge.

August 7
Dorothy M. Dodge, appointed as the Park’s seventh postmaster.

Season Visitation: 188,794

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