Smith Brothers 1951

Sometime during the early 1950’s future Supreme Court Judge, Sandra Day O’Connor visits Crater Lake during the winter. Photos are taken of her playing in the snow with her college roommate.

Quilwart Pond named by Park Naturalist George Ruhle. He weighed the possibility of using the name I Saetes, the scientific name of the Quilwart, but what with its Greek origin, settled on the simple name of “Quilwart”. The small lake was formerly known as “Lost Pond” to the handful of people who had visited the pond in previous years. Apparently fingerling fish had been planted in the pond in the early 1930’s but large numbers of Pelicans soon consumed them.

A female bear spotted with four cubs.

June 6
Superintendent reports that 2,540 acres are soon to be added to the Oregon Caves National Monument in order to preserve hundreds of magnificent Ancient Port Orford Cedars. Opposition by loggers defeated the plan and the area was soon clear cut. The Monument is now a 500 acre island of Old Growth Forest.

July 6
Over $1,000 taken from three vehicles. The suspects are apprehended in Hot Springs, New Mexico.

August 19
The Lake level is now 11.1 feet above the October 1, 1942 Lake level.

The Farmers band 36 Clark’s Nutcrackers.

$30,000 spent in adding rooms to the Sleepy Hollow Cabins. Eight are rebuilt and winterized, and four are remodeled. Jim Kilburn, Park Electrician, completely rewires all of the houses.

July 17
The South and West entrance stations are combined at Annie Springs.

Large concentrations of California Tortoise Shell butterflies are seen fluttering past Mt. Scott. The first detailed study of Sphagnum Bog are begun.

August 5
The Park ranger staff manage to head off a proposed parachute jump into the Lake.

September 27
Regional Architect, Charles Lundgren notes in his Lodge report that the building is sagging. Dry rot is weakening support beams. The Chinese quarters above the kitchen are in poor condition. The garbage cans near the kitchen should be fenced and screened.

October 15
Lodge Manager Price is not allowed to return to work because of ill health.

Season Visitation: 306,668

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