Smith Brothers 1953

Harry and “Pop” Smith purchase the Crater Lake Lodge Company. The Haner Report recommends that the Lodge should be rehabilitated rather than being replaced. With proper care and the spending of $72,000, the Haner Report estimated the useful life of the Lodge could be extended another 20 years.

June 17
Roger Tory Peterson, famed bird author, visits the Park.

June 12
Edmond Clark of Cave Junction, Oregon, falls to his death in Castle Creek Canyon while trying to take a photograph.

August 6
The Mather Memorial Plaque is permanently installed, on the Rim Wall, between Sinnottand the Lodge. The NPS apologizes for its oversight in not installing the plaque 30 years earlier as promised.

October 3
Roof of Rim Community Building catches fire – $100 worth of damage.

September 6
Rescue of injured person below Rim Village.

November 1
New superintendent, Fred Johnson, transfers in from Lassen. Former Superintendent Wosky transfers out to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

1953 Season
Forty one bears counted in the Park, 22 adults and 19 cubs.

Season Visitation: 332,835

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