Smith Brothers 1954

Medford lawyer, Frank J. Van Dyke, appointed as Park Commissioner, a position that he holds for nearly 30 years.

Teen-age girl falls to her death while hiking along the Rim between the Sinnott Overlookand the Lodge. Her sister works at McLoughlin Junior High School in Medford.

July 19
Fatal heart attack.

August 7
Dr. Earl Bush, Carver of the “Lady of the Woods”, visits the Park for the first time since 1917. Dr. Bush is surprised at how the “lady” had deteriorated and eroded so much in 37 years.

A woman is killed when the car her husband is driving strikes a tree on the West Road. She was declared dead by her doctor husband.

August 29
Thomas J. Williams enters on duty as Park Superintendent.

Two acre forest fire suppressed in the northeast corner of the Park.

The NPS designs a new museum building to be located down slope from the Community House. The new building is to be connected to the Sinnott Memorial by an underground walkway. The new walkway would allow a glassed-in Sinnott for all-year use. Construction planned for 1957, but the money was never appropriated. A new visitor center is designed with a two story winter viewing tower on the north end to replace theKiser Studio. Never built.

Season Visitation: 370,554 – A new record.

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