Smith Brothers 1955

Present Annie Spring Bridge is completed. Park traffic had been routed above the spring on a narrow winding road for 14 years.

Also constructed was a new machine shop, the first new building built in the Park since the CCC days.

Spring Dozer operator, while clearing snow in the cafeteria area, drives his cat through the roof of a cold water cabin.

Bear killed because it has lockjaw.

September 1
Glenn Happell begins working on the maintenance crew for the Crater Lake LodgeCompany. Years later, Glenn was promoted to President of the company. For thirty years, Mr. Happell drove daily from his homes in Central Point and Ashland, mostly during the winter.

September 4 – 10
27 fires in nine days, burning 31 acres. Most of the fires were caused by lightning. This is the first time a bulldozer is used in the Park to fight forest fires.

Season Visitation: 343,839

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