Smith Brothers 1956

May 11
A ten year development plan is presented t the NPS by the Smiths. The concessioner have found that their volume has increased since taking over, with profits and use of the Lodge showing gains each summer.

Present Goodbye Creek Bridge is completed. Traffic had been routed above the creek on a small wooden bridge. Construction begins on Mazama Campground (Loops A, B, C, and D). A major addition of a dining room and a winter warming area is added to the Rim Cafeteria. The bridge is rebuilt during the early 1980’s.

Photographer falls to his death while attempting to photograph the Phantom Ship at Sun Notch.

Mission: 66 instituted. Mission: 66 was a national, ten year program to update National Park facilities. Crater Lake would never be the same again. Roads were rebuilt, permanent housing added and new life was added to older, historic buildings.

90 degree temperature measured at Headquarters. One of the hottest days on record.

The old two-bedroom log cabin, located near Highway 62 in the old Annie Spring Campground, was burned to the ground. The logs were so punky, a screwdriver could be shoved through the logs.

August 25-26
The first authorized use of scuba gear on the Lake and at Wizard Island.

December 26
Seasonal Ranger, Joe Meeker, marries Marlene Randall in the lobby of the Headquarters building. When the Episcopal priest asked how long the ceremony would last, Meeker replied, “Depends on how hot the fire is in the fireplace.”

Season Visitation: 359.840

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