Smith Brothers 1958

June 19
Ranger’s uniform torn by a bear while attempting to chase it way warm the Rim Parking lot.

July 6
Hans W. Thielsen, great grandson of Hans Thielsen for whom the mountain was named, visits the Park.

July 24
Oregon Congressman Charles Porter introduces a bill in Congress that will enlarge the Oregon Caves National Monument to 2,910 acres, up from the present size of 480 acres. Opposition by the Forest Service and logging interests defeated the proposed addition. The area in now a large clear-cut.

Richard M. Brown, John Wirty and Warren Fairbanks take core samples from the “Old Man of the Lake” and determine that the old floating log was 273 years old when it slid upright into the Lake.

August 6
Rescue of a boy 350 feet above the Lake.

August 12
Boletus frustosus is collected by Jim Trappe, research forester, on the summit of Union Peak. This is the highest elevation that the plant has been reported for their range.

August 25
New service station and employee dorm (located at the edge of Steel Circle) open for business.

The Old Standard Oil Log Service Station, across the road from Park Headquarters and the new station, is torn down.

Park visitor’s small trout is grabbed by a Bald Eagle as he fisherman tries to beach the fish. The eagle swallows both the fish and the hook. The Park Ranger, on duty on the boats, catches the eagle and removes the hook.

Construction begins on the new Cleetwood Lake Trail. The new location was selected because of its lower elevation, and southern exposure allowing an earlier opening of the trail each year by several weeks. The old Lake Trail had a northern exposure, was 50% longer and was subject to increased erosion and land slides

Steel Circle housing area constructed. Buildings #17 and #227 are built.

A new Annie Springs entrance station is built, including a separate office building and comfort station.

October 4
A new weighing type of recording rain gauge is installed at Park Headquarters. The gauge had to be modified to meet the specific weather conditions existing at Crater Lake.

October 30
Maximum Lake level reached at 6179.6 feet above sea level. Second highest recorded level since Normally the Lake averaged elevations 10 feet lower, at 6170 feet.

A proposal that rock shed be built on Dutton Cliff is presented.

Late 1950’s
U.S. Representative from Oregon, Charles Porter of Eugene visits Crater Lake and proposes that the Government build a cable car from Rim Village to the boat landing. When public out cry points out the visual damage that a tram tower would cause, Porter proposes an elevator. The man soon loses his seat and retires.

Season Visitation: 333,853

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