Smith Brothers 1960

“Information Building” or (I.B.) changes name to “Exhibit Building” or (E.B.). The building will be come the “Visitor Center” 20 years later.

David Morris, future superintendent of Crater Lake National Park begins his NPS career as a seasonal fire guard. Lived in the Ranger Dorm, which is now the Steel Center. (See: October, 16, 1991)

June 18
A small roof fire breaks out in early morning. Little damage.

The new 1.1 mile Cleetwood Cove Trail opens. Thus begins years of stabilizing projects attempting to keep the trail from eroding into Crater Lake.

John Towne, Lodge employee, swims 5 3/4 miles across the Lake, to within 1/2 mile of the Cleetwood boat dock. The can of grease was lost so the Lake was swum grease-less and Towne became too cold and had to be pulled from the water.

Some time during the 1960’s
While dumping garbage at the Park’s garbage dump, the truck driver would take his girlfriend along so they could walk around the pit area and observe the many bear that were feasting on the garbage. Glenn Happell, Lodge manager, secretly tied a fish underneath the truck. While the couple was out of the truck taking their walk, so many bears gathered around the garbage truck, the driver was prevented from getting back to his truck.

October 12
Sleepy Hollow quarters #42 is extensively damaged as the result of two large Hemlock trees blown down during the Columbus Day wind storm. Many trees were blown down in the Park and across the state. This storm is remembered as one of Oregon’s greatest natural disasters.

November 27
Larry Ralph Peyton, the 19 year-old son of Ralph & Kathryn Peyton, Crater Lake Lodgeowners, is found stabbed to death in his car which was parked at Forest Park in Portland. Peyton had been stabbed 23 times. The interior of the car showed evidence of “a terrific struggle”. Missing and presumed kidnapped or slain was Peyton’s girlfriend, Beverly Ann Allen, also 19, from Washington State. Peyton and Allen had met the previous summer while employed at Crater Lake Lodge. Miss Allen had been visiting the Peytons during the Thanksgiving weekend. The two college students had left for an evening drive following dinner. Allen’s body was discovered nearly two months later lying in roadside brush, alongside a highway, west of Portland. (The murders were eventually solved 10 or so years later, but not conclusively.)

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