Smith Brothers 1965

April 22
Superintendent Richard Nelson dies of a stroke in a Medford hospital after collapsing in the lobby of the Headquarters Building.

June 28
Leonard Volz, (Mr. Clean), enters on duty as Park Superintendent..

Bill Elhart of Ashland, begins six years of driving bus for Crater Lake Lodge. (65 – 71) During his six summers at Crater Lake, Bill drove 1,080 Rim tours in the Company’s 15 passenger stretch Pontiac limo. Driving daily round trips to Ashland, Bill racked up 136,080 miles.

A seven year old boy wanders away from the family campsite at Lost Creek Campground. 60 men spend the rainy night looking for the boy. He is rescued the follow morning from a thicket of pines where the boy had crawled, after first chasing out a bedded down deer.

July 15
Sewer construction begun on a $40,000 trunk line connecting Rim Village with the ponds in Munson Valley.

Sewer lagoons constructed behind Steel Circle.

Twelve year old son of Naturalist Ranger Ed Paine, nearly hangs himself after he slips on a Sleepy Hollow boulder with a rope tied around his neck. Quick thinking by other children instituted a rescue by the boy’s mother who administered mouth-to-mouth. Mrs. Paine had seen a demonstration earlier on a children’s TV program. The boy was unconscious for 12 hours. Young Paine graduated from college as a Merit Scholar and is now a practicing lawyer

Season Visitation: 480,478

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