Smith Brothers 1967

April 20
Donald Spalding, enters on duty as Park Superintendent, transfers in from Platt National Park.

Jack Applegate, grand nephew of Capt. O.C. Applegate, visits the Park to climb Applegate Peak.

Loops F and G are added to Mazama Campground. An engine fire destroys a heavily loaded station wagon in Mazama Campground.

July 11
A Hood River veterinarian is fined $100 for trapping four golden mantle ground squirrels at Lost Creek Campground, after being cited by Ranger Larry Smith. Dr. Herbert Morse planned on starting a colony of the animals in an area round his home.

Ranger Marion Jack apprehends a fourteen year old runaway boy who had been camping in Mazama Campground. The boy had hidden in the back seat of a new car, until after the dealership closed for the night. He then drove the car out and for some unknown reason selected to visit Crater Lake. A fourteen year old, with a new car and no camping equipment invited an investigation and eventually to a confession.

Ranger Marion Jack apprehends a thirteen year old runaway English girl at Annie Spring. The family was headed back to England after living in Portland for a year and visited Crater Lake for one last American camping trip. Unknown to her parents, the girl made arrangements for her boyfriend to pick her up at the Entrance Station, but he never showed. Confusing the search effort was that the rangers were looking for an English girl, not realizing that the girl had lost her accent during her stay in Oregon.

Boatman Bruce Kaye observes a black bear spending two days on Wizard Island.

60 Clark’s Nutcrackers banded by Chief of Interpretation, Richard Brown.

August 29
The Park’s old wooden Ranger boat is sunk near Wizard Island, after using a sledge hammer to knock holes into the boat’s sides and bottom.

December 20
A new 30 year contract is executed with the expectation that the concessioners will embark on a $2 million development program for Rim Village and Munson Valley. TheLodge is conveyed to the NPS.

Season Visitation: 499,375

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