Smith Brothers 1970

The Crater Lake Community School closes due to decreasing enrollment. The school is consolidated with the Klamath County School District.

Victoria (Vicky) Nelson enters on duty as the Park’s new Post Office attendant, a position she holds for over 15 years. Vicky drives to the Park each day from Chiloquin.

A long row of old wooden garages, built in the l930’s and located in front of the Stone Houses, is burned down. The fire crew used the occasion as a practice drill.

June 26
The first major car clout of the season occurs in Mazama Campground. The clout netted over $1,000.

June 27
Most National Park Campgrounds begin charging camping fees for the first time. Lost Creek Campground remains a free camp.

July 11
Chief Ranger (and Acting Superintendent and Area Manager) transfers to Grand Coulee National Recreation Area.

July 12
Einar Johnson appointed as Crater Lake’s 18th Superintendent.

July 18
A VW bug rolls on Goodbye Curve. No injuries, but the violators were arrested for speeding, reckless driving, stolen government property and underage drinking.

August 17
Skull of F-6-F Hellcat pilot found by Seasonal Ranger David Panebaker, one half mile from the 1945 crash site near Mt. Scott. Navy identifies the Hell Cat’s pilot as Ens. Frank R. Lupo, 22, of Newark, N.J. David Panebaker had become lost while searching for the crash site. While sitting on a log wondering which direction to continue exploring, David had a feeling that something or somebody was looking at him. As he glanced about the trees, David discovered the skull “staring” back at him from beneath a nearby log.

Labor Day
Fatal heart attack in Rim Village.

Third major car clout in Mazama Campground since June.

Guy Hartel, age 70, retires to Klamath Falls, after working 20 years as an equipment operator and on road repair.

Backcountry fire roads closed to all vehicle travel, including the Pacific Crest Trail. All roadless areas of the Park and the old fire roads are proposed as Wilderness Trails.

Self service gas pumps installed at the service station for year-round operation, but soon ruled illegal and locked up because of Oregon’s ban on self-serve stations.

1970 Season
Major extension of Cafeteria Building front.

Season Visitation: 534,962

Early 1970’s
The boat crew, led by Lodge owner’s son, Mike Peyton, turns Crater Lake into their own private lake by water skiing behind the launches and fishing after hours around Phantom Ship.

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