Smith Brothers 1976

January 18
Chief Ranger Dan Sholly enters on duty from Yosemite National Park (a Viet Nam Marine), thus begins a new and unique era for Crater Lake because of his dynamic and energetic leadership.

January 19
Legislation introduced into Congress that would remove mining claims from most National Parks, including Crater Lake.

Large Headquarter’s mantle photo (transparency) is installed, taken by John Davis andSuperintendent Frank Betts from an elevation of 16,000 feet.

March 1
Canteen Company of Oregon completes the purchase of Crater lake Lodge Company from the Peyton family.

March 6
Forced entry into the Rim Center discovered.

March 8
Superintendent Betts issues orders to prohibit cattle grazing within the Park.

April 16
Forced entry into the Lodge dorm by four men seeking shelter from the cold. The four had been warned that accommodations were not available during the winter.

Ralph Peyton resigns as president/manager of Crater Lake Lodge Company after 17 years.

One-way road moved to Cleetwood Cove. It is felt that when the West Rim Drive was designated as a one-way drive, too many Park Visitors were being forced to drive around the East Rim against their will.

June 8 or 9
George Morrison, Chief Park Naturalist, spots a “Big Foot” creature crossing the South Road at dusk, headed into Annie Creek Canyon. With four steps, the up-right creature crossed the road. Because of distance and tree shadows, a description is difficult. Morrison could not locate any footprints. George is an experienced ornithologist and experienced in nature observation. Morrison was shaken by his sighting.

June 28
Mrs. Aline Smith slips and fall on Garfield Peak trail, braking her hip. Dr. Lloyd Smith, assists his mother during the emergency carry-out.

July 17
Mr. Jack Jackman becomes separated from his son while hiking along the Pacific Crest Tail and ends up walking 15 miles north to Highway 130. The Park mounts an extensive search for Jackman.

July 18
$209 in tips stolen from the Lodge wine cooler and $50 stolen from a flight bag left behind the Lodge desk.

July 19
$80 stolen from Lodge dorm.

It has now been a year since the closing of the Park because of water contamination. Law suits and tort claims continue to be filed against the government and Lodge Company. Over 1500 people have been affected by the water contamination. Costs and claims mount into the millions of dollars.

July 20
Self-service gas pumps at the service station are damaged as vandals pull off covers.

Wettest August on record – 5.94 inches.

Superintendent Frank Betts sights a wolf in the vicinity of Mt. Scott and Anderson Meadow. Betts, having been assigned to parks in Alaska was well trained in wolf sighting.

New Headquarters area sewer lines are installed connecting every building and residence.

First Annual Crater Lake Rim Run marathon. The event attracts 49 runners. This may be the highest elevation marathon in America. A cool, foggy day.

Rim Run Winners:
Men: 6.5 miles, Dave Ellison, Klamath Falls, Oregon  37.28
13.0 miles, Bruce Manboyl, Crater Lake, Oregon 1:21.25
26.2 miles, Frank Shields, Chiloquin, Oregon 3:28.21
Women: 6.5 miles, Nancy Kurth, Klamath Fall, Oregon 52.46