Smith Brothers 1982

March 1
Kei Yasuda of Glendale, Oregon, wins the third annual Dutton Creek Ski race in the time of 33:49 minutes. Brian Smith, 12, of Jacksonville, Oregon sets a new Junior record of 46:10 minutes.

The original, hand made metal chandelier, rehung in the Headquarters building lobby, ten years after the building was “modernized” with recessed fluorescent lighting.

May 3
The Park’s pair of nesting Peregrine falcons begin their incubation of three eggs.

May 13
Two Peregrine falcon chicks are flown from California to replace the three unhatched eggs. The chicks fledge successfully. Tests show that the three eggs had died a week earlier.

YCC non-resident camp, based in Chiloquin, begins work in the Park. Camping fee raised to $5 in Mazama Campground.

Water year: 623.5 inches (52 feet) of accumulated snow recorded.

June 19
An earthquake registering 2.0 or 2.5 “rocks” the Park. This is the first record of quake since 1945.

June 30
Two men who had been drinking, are injured as their car flips over one mile south of Headquarters.

July 1
The North Entrance road opens.

July 3
Stan Diller, 702 W. Casino, Everett, Washington, nephew of Dr. J.S. Diller, visits the Park. Diller claims that he is the first member of the Diller family to visit Crater Lake since Dr. Diller explored the area back in 1896.

July 4
Cleetwood Cove plowed out, and the trail is opened.

July 5
A 70 mile, high speed chase begins on the West Road as Ranger Tom Young attempts to stop a speeding Datsun pickup driven by Larry Alexander of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Alexander was arrested and treated for facial cuts and a broken arm following an altercation with police following his collision with a stop sign in downtown Klamath Falls. A Klamath Falls police car was heavily damaged during the chase which involved five police agencies.

July 5
Plane wreckage and three skeletal remains are discovered by a hiker near Huckleberry Campground, one mile west of Crater Lake National Park. The plane had disappeared on February 26, 1975, during a snow storm, with a Klamath Falls high school teacher and two of his students on board.

July 9 to 10
Brian Smith, age 12, and Greg Tinseth, age 11, of Jacksonville, Oregon pull in 33 Kokanee salmon and one Rainbow trout from Cleetwood Cove after Chief Ranger Rudolph states, “Let’s get those fish out of the Lake.”

July 11
Lake tour boats begin operation, the latest seasonal opening in memory.