Smith Brothers 1993

April 22
The Oregonian reports that the NPS has decided against any further development at Rim Village. This means that the new, year-round lodge will be built instead seven miles down at Mazama Village. The National Parks and Conservation Association said of the development plan, “You’ve got a few hundred people able to stay in luxury rooms in a hotel, but a few thousand people outside looking at the hotel, which isn’t exactly what a national park is set up for.”

April 29
Katherine “Kit” Sue Nealon Levitt, 92, widow of longtime Park Superintendent Ernest P. Leavitt, dies in Medford. Mrs. Leavitt’s family were early homesteaders in the Table Rock area of the Rogue Valley.

Ancient caldera remains found near Elk Creek on the Rogue River. State geologists working for more than a year estimate the caldera to be more than 25 millions years old. Age and the Rogue River have eroded several thousand feet of the original mountain. (Central Valley Times)

July 25
The MT reports that because so much remains to be learned about the Lake, the NPS has proposed continued monitoring of the Lake at a cost of $160,000 a year. Such studies will build on the data already assembled.

August 12
Barbara Lucas, 30, of Scotland, is struck in the head by a 10 inch rock while hiking up from the boat dock. She suffered severe laceration, and remained unconscious during the rescue. Park rangers raced up the Cleetwood Trail with the wheeled litter in 16 minutes. Ms. Lucas was taken to North Junction by ambulance and then transported to Rogue Valley Medical Center by helicopter.

August 13
Barbara Lucas dies at Rogue Valley Medical Center from massive head injuries caused by a falling rock on the Cleetwood Trail.

September 20
The MT reports that Monday’s earthquake centered in the Klamath Basin and causing considerable damage in Klamath Falls, was felt in the Park, but rangers only found two rocks on Rim Drive.

October 9
Park rangers issue six citations for illegal harvesting of matsutake mushrooms and one citation for carrying a loaded weapon in the park. Rangers confiscate 30 pounds of the plants and one handgun.

Fiscal Year 1993
ONPS Budget set at: $2.5 million

Season 1993 Visitation: 419,914

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