Bristlecone Pines

Bristlecone Pines, the Trees that Rewrote History
Bristlecone Pines, the Trees that Rewrote History

Commissioned in 2009 for the Crater Lake Institute, this mural by Larry Eifert shows a fictitious forest of ancient bristlecone pines, oldest trees on Earth that live in the Great Basin high atop mountain peaks.

  1. Ancient Great Basin Bristlecone Pine
  2. Bristlecones often have some living bark, keeping them alive for centuries.
  3. With time, this tree’s true center is eroding away by abrasive wind-driven ice and sand grains.
  4. Mountain Chickadee
  5. Mountain Bluebird
  6. Red-shafted Flicker
  7. Golden Forget-me-not Cryptantha confertifolia
  8. Pygmy Nuthatch
  9. Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
  10. Coyote
  11. Westgard Penstemon Penstemon scapoides
  12. Rock Wren
  13. Downed bristlecone may be many thousands of years older than the living trees.
  14. Rock Spiraea Petrophytum caespitosum
  15. Yellow-bellied Marmot
  16. Sulphur-throated Forget-me-not Cryptantha flavoculata
  17. Cassin’s Finch
  18. Red Crossbill
  19. Young bristlecone pines struggle in this harsh environment. Cones have bristles, as the tree’s name implies.
  20. Mule Deer
  21. Gray-crowned Rosy-finch
  22. Bristlecones tend to favor soils with limestone. Bristlecone groves often coincide exactly with a dolomite/sandstone contact.
  23. Bighorn Sheep
  24. Clark’s Nutcracker
  25. Red-tailed Hawk
  26. White-throated Swift
  27. Golden Eagle
  28. Bobcat – a secretive resident. Can you find it?