Larry Eifert Photo Collection

Crater Lake Institute has thousands of photos of the park, probably the largest collection anywhere. Strangely, what is lacking are images of insides of buildings, corners and construction details of historic structures. Crater Lake National Park has the best collection of historic CCC structures in the nation.

If reproduced, please give photo credit to Larry Eifert, Crater Lake Institute. Most photos enlarge to printable size.

  1. Munson Valley Administration Building
  2. Munson Valley Steel Information Center
  3. Locks, Handles and Hinges
  4. Rim Village Crater Lake Lodge
  5. Crater Lake Lodge Interpretive Exhibits
  6. Rim Village Cafeteria Building, 1928, photographed in October 2017
  7. Rim Village Restored Food Service and Gift Shop, 2017
  8. Wildfire Smoke at Kerr Notch
  9. New Restrooms at Pumice Point 2017
  10. Remains of South Entrance Sign October 2017

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