Munson Valley Administration Building

From Park History, 1984

Headquarters Complex was built in 1932. The new administration building was to be a permanent structure built to the established standards of a rough stone first story with rustic superstructure. It was to be 100 feet long and 40 feet wide of native stone to blend with other buildings in the Government Camp area. The lower floor would include a large room for the clerical department, measuring 42 by 15 feet, with a northern exposure. Also on the main floor would be space for the offices of the superintendent, assistant superintendent, timekeeper, and information department, and for a conference room. The main entrance would lead into a public lobby, with a fireplace and veneered walls. Corridors would lead off to the right and left to offices. The upper floor of the 1-1/2-story building was to have six offices and two storage rooms.

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