Rim Village Crater Lake Lodge

The original lodge opened in 1915.

From ‘Historic Resources’

At the east end of the Rim Village is Crater Lake Lodge, a hotel whose irregular shape forms a slight crescent. Its exterior appearance features stone masonry on the ground floor’s outer walls and a roof punctuated by numerous shed dormers which give visual interest to the wood shingled jerkin head configuration. Massive stone masonry in chimneys on the east and south facades draw the eye, as do overhanging and bracketed eaves. Multipaned windows, which are arched with stone lintels on the ground floor, are another character-defining feature of the original hotel that was reconstructed in a NPS rehabilitation project that took place between 1991 and 1994. Much of the historic fabric in the lodge was lost during this project, something which also brought about drastic changes in the building’s plan, mass, and structural character.

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