Focus – Rim Village Cafeteria Building, 1927

On December 7, 1922, a contract was entered into between the Department of the Interior and the Crater Lake National Park Company initiating a new twenty-year lease to maintain hotels and other facilities, for tourist accommodation in the park. In 1927 a number of important decisions concerning future development at Crater Lake were made by the superintendent of the park, National Park Service Assistant Director Horace Albright, and other staff officers and representatives of the Bureau of Public Roads. One major action was approval of a general plan for rim area development, whereby the concessionaire would construct and operate in the next year a cafeteria, with a connecting general store for the sale of camp supplies, and a small group of rental cabins in the campground area away from the rim edge. By the 1928 season the new cafeteria and cabin group were a reality, the housekeeping cabins opening on July 15 and the new cafeteria on July 20. The latter was a large stone building housing food services, a store, and a photographic studio. Tent cottages were available on the lodge grounds as well for cheaper accommodations. Also during the 1928 season a new awning-covered veranda was constructed on the lake side of the lodge. [Historic Resource Study, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1984]


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