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Cloudcap - Prominent Geological Features of Crater Lake National Park

The topmost lavas on the caldera wall overlooking Cloudcap Bay are glassy dacites not unlike those of the Llao, Grouse Hill, and Cleetwood flows. They were likewise erupted after the andesitic phase of Mazama's activity had come to an end. Two main flows may be distinguished: an older one to the south, which seems to have had its source beneath Cloudcap, and a much thicker flow farther north, the Redcloud flow, which escaped from a vent on the caldera wall. The relations between them are indicated on the panorama .... [The Northern Arc of Vents: Dacites of Redcloud and Cloudcap, The Geology of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon (1942) by Howell Williams]

View east with Mount Scott in background, Redcloud Cliff at upper left (v-shaped flow formation), and Cloudcap (green tree cover) at upper center above pumice castle (orange rock formation in caldera wall), photo by Robert Mutch

Note: the numbers associated with each feature name above correspond to their place on the Custom Google Map below

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