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  •  What to do at Crater Lake

  • LOR2238-1024leavitt-cronch-fishAuto-touring, bicycling, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing and wildlife viewing.
  • photo-people5-fVisitor Services

    Lodging, camping, gas and repairs, restaurants, groceries and HELP.
  • Natural History and Nature

  • Snowshoe Hare
    Snowshoe Hare

    Birds, animals, amphibians, geology, climate, plants and everything: nature .

  • Our Online Librarycover-large

    A deep library about all things Crater Lake – and then some. There are several thousand pages of documents, research papers, newspaper accounts, historic photos and more.
  • 52699n2Crater Lake in the News

    Newspaper articles, announcements and all-things Crater Lake. We’ve put it all in here, the good, bad and  even a little unflattering.
  • Our Own Art Collection

    Crater Lake Institute has a growing collection of commissioned art. We’ve commissioned some art to help us educate visitors about Crater Lake and other amazing parks in our area.
  • Field Research
    at Crater Lake

    Deep RoverSee on-going and past field research documents at Crater Lake.  Much of this is in its own section of our On-line Library.
  • Cultural History
    at Crater Lake

    "Fritz" gets his - Crater Lake National Park

    Our historic photo library of the human side of Crater Lake National Park. Bears used to be common sights at the Park, but not so any more. See how it used to be and learn how we’ve all changed.
  • Current Conditions – Park Webcams

    1962-57-chevy-lloyd-smith cam_2-(1)
    Weather and climate, current conditions right now – and webcams.
  • comple1 (1)Want to Find More!

    Go to our Online Library for more details about Crater Lake than you could ever want. It’s search-friendly.

     Discover and Learn

    • Plan Your Visit
      Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon has inspired people for thousands of years. No place else on earth combines a deep pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs almost two thousand feet high. This is a place of immeasurable beauty.
    • Maps and Guides
      Crater Lake Institute is not affiliated with the Park, but has assembled a large collection of maps, guides and other information for your Crater Lake experience. Our On-line Library has thousands of documents about the Park’s history, nature, research, policies, news clippings and other resources.

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