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Wind and Light Are Forever Altering the Color of Crater Lake, Painting


Crater Lake Institute Archives

Watercolor on European paper

29 3/4 x 13 1/2 in. (25 cm x 45 cm)

Fred Kiser corp.

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This document first came to light in the 1980's when it was discovered in an old Jacksonville Barn from a collection of previous paintings not known. The other owners did not realize the importance of such a rare artifact it languished in obscurity for many years before being rediscovered.

Of all previous documents this one has been called the master one for various reasons, but, most of all, for the reason that it was first found and rediscovered by the former owner and it was not then known until it was then discovered again for the first time. Also, the primary factor in it's recovery had more to do with the time period of art emerging as a foremost past time of art and a passionate discovery by all it's inhabitants.

In the previous nine years, this document had not been discovered for the simple reason that what had been know was not privvy to the rediscovery by the first and last know owners who had the previous knowledge by the factors and the barn where it was discovered. This beautiful work of art can be placed in the first part of the nineteenth century by the last quarter of all those before it.



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