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Nature Notes From Crater Lake


Author Index

Aldrich, Elmer C.

Allen, John Eliot

Andrews, Russell P.

Applegate, Elmer I.

Ashcraft, Norman

  • Bobby - Volume 3 No. 2 - August 1930

Åström, Kenneth

Atwood, W.R.

Baker, William H.

Baird, Dick S.

Baldwin, Casey

Bisbee, Lawrence, Fred Larmie, Roy Strand and James Kezer

Blanchfield, E.U.

Blume, Irving E.

Brode, J.S.


Brandell, Bruce R.

Brandt, Roger

Braun, Edwin

Bridges, Brenda

Brode, J. S.

Broward, John

Brown, Randall E.

Brown, Richard M.

Browne, Brandon L.

Buktenica, Mark

Bullington, Neal

Burgess, Joseph

Burnham, Edward A.

Bush, William E.

Butler, John E.

Campbell, Berry

Canfield, David H.

Cardinaux, Michele

Chick, Jr., W. Drew

Clark, E.L.

Coe, Milton E.

Constance, Lincoln

Coopey, Ray

Count, Earl W.

Cranson, K.R. "Rod"

Crater Lake Natural History Association

  • Crater Lake Natural History Association Special Number 1 - 1951

Crawford, Howard

  • Crater Lake In Winter - Volume 8 No. 1 - July 1935

  • Western Windflowers - Volume 8 No. 1 - July 1935

Croghan, Charlie L.

Danielson, Jean and Steve Mark

Davidson, N.H.

Day, John S.

Dixon, Joseph S.

Doerr, Jr., John E.

  • Preface - Volume 9 No. 1 - July 1936

  • Preface - Volume 10 No. 1 - June 1937

  • Preface - Volume 10 No. 2 - July 1937

  • Preface - Volume 10 No. 3 - August 1937

  • Preface - Volume 11 No. 1 - July 1938

  • Preface - Volume 11 No. 2 - August 1938

  • Preface - Volume 11 No. 3 - September 1938

  • Editor's Note Regarding Volume XII Of Nature Notes - Volume 11 No. 3 - September 1938

Donahue, Susie

Dorer, Terry

Downing, Willis G.

Dubbel, Polly and Anton Briefer

Dutton, Carl E.

Evans, David LeC.

Fairbanks, C. Warren

Fairbanks, C. Warren and John R. Rowley

Farner, Donald S.

Farner, Donald S. and James Kezer

Farner, Dorothy C.

Farner, Dorothy C. and Donald S. Farner

Fauth, Gregg

Fisher, Don C.

Fisher, Don C. and John E. Doerr, Jr.

Fredrickson, Richard W.

French, Dwight A.

Frost, W.T. and John E. Doerr, Jr.

Fuller, Dave

Fuller, Fay

Fuller, Harry (Happy)

Funkhouser, John W.

Gilbert, Clyde E.

Girdner, Scott

Godward, William Alexander

Grose, L.T.

Haeger, Ted

Hallock, Louis W.

Hasler, Arthur D.

Hasler, Arthur D. and John E. Doerr, Jr.

Hendrickson, Erik and Steve Mark

Hibbard, Mable

Hoffman, F. Owen

Homuth, Earl U.

Hopson, Ruth E.

Horn, Elizabeth Mueller Horn

Hubbard, C. Andresen

Huestis, Ralph R.

Huestis, Ralph R. and Paul Shepard, Jr.

Hughes, Bernie

Hunt, Joseph C.

Illige, Denis J.

Kane, Henry E.

Kezer, James

Kartchner, Wayne E.

Kartchner, Wayne E. and John E. Doerr, Jr.

Kelley, Phil

Kezer, James and Donald S. Farner

Kinsley, William

La Violette, Wesley

Leslie, L. Dale

Libbey, D.S.

Long, Albert E.

Loosey, M.A.

Lowrie, Donald C.

Lowthian, Doug

Lund, John W.

Mark, Stephen (Steve) R.

Mark, Steve and Ron Mastrogiuseppe

Mastrogiuseppe, Joy

Mastrogiuseppe, Ron

Mastrogiuseppe, Ron and John Salinas

Mastrogiuseppe, Ron and Joy Mastrogiuseppe

Mastrogiuseppe, Ron and Steve Mark

McDonough, Thomas

Mees, John

Meyer, Belle

Mills, Marianne

Moll, Ernest G.

Moll, Ernest G. and Howard Crawford

Monical, Ruth and Stephen P. Cross

Moody, Warren G.

Myers, Robert L.

Myers, Peter H.

Nee, W.J.

Nordstrom, Clarence J.

Page, Orville

Parker, Eugene L.

Parker, Harry C.

Peterson, Clifton E.

Peyton, Hugh

Pohll, Gregg A.

Potter, Franklin C.

Quaintance, Chas. W.

Reddell, Greg

Richards, James

Robinson, R.S.

Rogers, Roy L.

Ross, Heidi Lyn and David Lee Fuller

Ross, Philip

Rostel, Ernest A.

Roth, John

Rowley, John R.

Rowley, John R. and C. Warren Fairbanks

Rowley, John R. and Joanne S. Rowley

Rowley, John R. and Wendell V. Showalter

Ruhle, George C.

Runkel, John

Salinas, John

Sawyer, Robert W.

Scullen, H.A.

Shepard, P.H.

Simmons, John K.

Simson, Charles H.

Smith, Carlton

Smith, Larry B.

Smith, Warren D.

Solinsky, E.C.


Solinsky, Frank


Stanton, Jr., W. Layton

Stine, J. Francis

Stine, Marcella

Stonum, Lori


Stonum, Scott

Swartzlow, C.R.

Taylor, Kent J.

Tempest, Chris

  • The Sea of Silence - Volume 32-33 - 2001-2002

The Editors

Thomas, W. Craig


Van Tassel, Donald

Vinal, Wm. G.

Vincent, W.S.

Waesche, Hugh H.

Walker, Bayard F.

Walker, Gordon P.

Walters, Roland d.

Wallis, O.L.

Ward, Richard M.

Welles, Florence

Welles, Ralph E.

Welles, Ralph E. and Florence Welles

Wild, Norman D.

  • Crater Lake Fires For 1955 - Volume 21 - 1955

  • A Sad Episode - Volume 22 - 1956

Willard, Beatrice E.

Wilson, Marvin E.

Winthrop, Robert H.

Wirtz, John

Wood, Robert C.

Wynd, Frederick Lyle

Yocom, Charles F.

Yocom, Charles F. and Donald S. Farner

Zika, Peter

Zink, Robert C.






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