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Nature Notes From Crater Lake

Published annually by the Crater Lake Natural History Association, Nature Notes typically features 8-10 short articles. Recent articles include "A Furry Encounter" with a flying squirrel, a closer look at the "True Firs of Crater Lake National Park," and "Understanding the Bimodal Eruptions of Mount Mazama." The authors are resource management staff and other individuals knowledgeable about natural resources in the area. Each article is reviewed by subject experts to ensure the accuracy of the information. Although somewhat eclectic, Nature Notes is popular with those who repeatedly visit Crater Lake. It is an inexpensive publication that highlights important information about resources and their management and thereby enhances visits, even first-time visits, to the park.

The 50th issue of Nature Notes from Crater Lake appeared in 1998, but the series has a pedigree stretching back to 1928. After a hiatus lasting three decades, a 1992 symposium celebrating the park's 90th anniversary brought about a revived publication that has appeared every year since then.

Notes Notes From Crater Lake cover, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1932

Nature Notes From Crater Lake cover, Vol. 27, 1996

Nature Notes From Crater Lake cover, vol. 31, 2000





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