Judy (Jameson) Calhoun, 1968-1970

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

 Judy (Jameson) Calhoun, 1968-1970

I worked in concessions for 3 summers (‘68,69,70), 2 in Curio Dept. and the last as supervisor for the Lodge Gift Shop.

Some of my fondest memories:

When Mary (Jacobson) Peterson (Rock & Wood Dept.) & I BOTH got on the Old Man of the Lake at the same time.

Hiking down Llao’s Hallway.

4th Floor, Lake View, Cold windy nights w/the windows rattling in the frames and the curtains billowing into the room.

Lunches with the Boat Crew on the Wizard Island.

Playing my guitar and singing with Mary (Jacobson) Peterson (Rock & Wood Dept) & Jennifer (Durland) Dalby (Curio Dept.) in the talent show.

Watching the moon from a log on the Pumice Flats when Neil Armstrong became the First Man to walk on the moon -July 20, 1969.

The night in 1970 when a friend from High School came up to visit and we broke the rules and had a big party in one of the cabins. That was the night we first became more than friends and in 1972 I married him.

Swimming in Emerald Pool on Wizard Island.

The wonderful slide show that Eric Johnson (Camera Boy, Curio Dept-’68, from U of O, Eugene, OR) put together for the talent show to the music of “At The Zoo” by Simon & Garfunkel. He used photos of various employees & employers to characterize the different animals at Crater Lake Lodge “Zoo”. I still think of it today when I hear that song!

Having the Night watchman wake us up before dawn so we could hike to the top of Garfield Peak for sunrise.

Hiking to the top of Mt. Thielson & Union Peak with Mary (Jacobson) Peterson (Rock & Wood Dept) & Sheldon Schaffer (of the Park Service).

Getting up in the middle of the night to have “dinner” with the night-watchman. (Actually we only had ice cream w/cream de mint topping).

And the best memory of all is that of Mrs. “P”. Mrs. Peyton is one of the finest ladies I have ever known. She was a wonderful person to know, to work for, and to have for a role model in life. My hat is off to you. You did an excellent job as a “summer Mom” to all of us.

Thanks for your friendship!

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