Zelma Pool, 1954-1968

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

 Zelma Pool, 1954-1968

I operated an authorized school – not at all a home schooling affair – but a qualified school through the Klamath County School District, who furnished our books and supplies and sent proper supervisors to determine that the school was run correctly.

I started with nine pupils in a room upstairs in what was the Administration Building. As enrollment increased, we were moved downstairs to the large room which I believe is now used as offices. WHAT A CHANGE!!!

When we adopted two girls, and were transferred to Glacier Bay National Monument (1962-1964), then to Death Valley. I no longer taught, but we transferred back to Crater Lake in 1965. I again taught with an enrollment of twenty plus. One pupil is now Dean at Gualledet school for the Deaf, two are qualified air passenger plane pilots, one is a Geologist-extra ordinaire traveling the world checking on various mineral and/or metal deposits. This can go on and on, but I will save you the details.

I’m amazed at the dogs allowed in the Park. We got a small, completely house dog, when we adopted our girls. However, we were told in no uncertain terms to “get rid of that animal”. So, to follow these orders we immediately moved out of the Park to a ranch at Fort Klamath.

I could go on with interesting experiences, like a bear peeking in our front room window, but I will spare you the chatter.

I was heartbroken to see our “cabin” destroyed in Sleepy Hollow. Cabins gone to be replaced by the hideous complexes, at least the cabins fit the background.  The new apartments definitely do not.

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