Diana (Jones) Hathaway, 1975-1976

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

Diana (Jones) Hathaway, 1975-1976

I worked for the National Park Service during the summers of 1975 & 1976 as a seasonal interpreter/naturalist. The summer of 1975 was the summer of the ‘water problem’! That did not discourage me, and I returned the following summer. I worked as a seasonal and volunteer for the NPS at total of 22 years. I met my husband, also a seasonal interpreter, while working at Crater Lake. We moved on together to Death Valley N.P., where we were married. Our careers took us to St. Louis and the Gateway Arch and then back to Lava Beds N. M. We stayed at Lava Beds for 15 years and finally retired to Klamath Falls in 1997.

While working at Crater Lake my duties were guiding boat tours around the lake two days a week. I gave two evening programs a week, one at the Lodge and one in Mazama Campground. I also gave guided walks along the Annie Creek trail and Godfrey Glenn. I also worked at Sinnott Memorial and the visitor contact station at the rim. Early in the season, I was also able to give snowshoe walks. My first season, I lived in the three story building in Steel Circle. My second season I lived in the Superintendent’s summer home with eight other women.

I have a special love for Crater Lake N.P. It’s where I really found my love for the work I was doing, it’s where I found my husband of 25 years, and it’s where my heart still is today.

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