Pat (Crombie) Keith, 1956

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

 Pat (Crombie) Keith, 1956

I spent the summer of 1956, between my junior and senior years at Washington State University, serving in the cafeteria and enjoying the companionship of other fun college students. An incident occurred one day that you might find amusing:

Word spread like wildfire of a Park visitor who criticized everyone and everything. Nothing could compare with her home state. I was glad that she preferred dining in the Lodge dining room to the cafeteria. However, one day she suddenly appeared before me as I was dishing up prunes at breakfast time.

“Humph, she exclaimed. I suppose you even count them.” Before I could reply, a Park Ranger standing directly behind her came to my rescue. “She does, Ma’am, and you have one too many!”

My husband, Hugh, and I are spending the summer in Rexburg, Idaho, which welcomes retirees with ice cream socials, plays, musicals, tours, golf, cards and classes at the University here. It is nice to get away from the summer heat of Arizona!

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