Bill and Teresa Kraegel, 1976-1980

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

 Bill and Teresa Kraegel, 1976-1980

I had the honor of working at Crater Lake for NPS from 1976-1980. I have more fond memories than most people would sit still for, but here are just a couple:

1) Tom Teramura – on my first day in the park, having arrived late, I had no place to bunk- all the rooms were already taken in the old stone house (the small one). Tom, who had a small place in one corner, made it even smaller by having me share it. I have never forgotten that. Tom, if you read this, I have a place for you, come visit us in Maryland sometime (P.S. we actually lived in Japan for two years).

2) I worked with great people, Gary Hoskins, Debbie Kruse (where are you in Maryland?), Dave Lange, Dan Sholly, Ed Otterson, Tom McDunough (sp?), Marion and Betty Jack (I’ve gotten better at horses!), Tim Savee, and many others. I met my wife at the park. Teresa and I have been married for 20 years, have two kids, and it all began in the Castle Crest wildflower garden.

3) I’ve continued to work summers for the NPS, 82-84 at Mt. Rainier, and the last 15 summers at Yellowstone. Visit us sometime. I wish I could make it to the reunion, but the timing and distance make it unlikely (I teach and school starts 8/27). But again, should any of you make it to the Washington, D.C. area, or Yellowstone in the summer, please look us up.

4) We loved the potluck dinners, the stories, and the friendships. One memory I’ll never forget is spending a long night up on Mt. Scott in the Fire lookout, watching a wonderful lighting storm over the Cascades. Gary Hoskins was on the Watchman, and all night long we rated the strikes as they happened. Since then, I’ve seen many other storms and fires, but I will always remember that one.

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