Marilyn Minchinton, 1955

Crater Lake National Park Centennial Oral Histories

Marilyn Minchinton, 1955

I worked in the cafeteria in 1955. I cannot remember if I worked under my fathers last name, Johnson, or my step-fathers last name, Vastien, which I used for years.

My sister Helen Johnson also worked at the park in an office. She passed away five years ago. For several years before that she babysat during the summer for one of the ranger’s families.

Since I was from Klamath Falls, I was allowed to take the shuttle on my day off from the lake to Klamath Falls. It was interesting to visit with the visitors during the ride.

We lived at the top of the lodge not overlooking the lake. I wish now I’d paid more attention to the Ranger calls and historical information I heard then. The path down to the lake was on the parking lot/cafeteria side of the lake (when and why was it changed?).

My husband was in the Air Force and for twenty-three years we were hither and yon – it was so great to move back to Klamath Falls. I am a volunteer tour guide on the Amtrak Coast Starlight and love telling visitors about Crater Lake. For our 40th anniversary our daughter & sons reserved the honeymoon suite at the lodge and may husband and I took the beautiful drive around the rim stopping at each viewpoint.

Thank you for putting together this get together. I am looking forward to hearing lots of stories and hope to refresh my memories and maybe even meet some old friends. I was only sixteen when I worked at Crater Lake.

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