Donald M. Spalding

Donald M. Spalding Oral History Interview

Interviewer and Date: Stephen R. Mark, Crater Lake National Park Historian

Interview Location and Date: At Donald Spalding’s residence in Trinidad, California, April 2, 1991

Transcription: Transcribed by Darci Desharnais Gomolski, 1993-94

Biographical Summary: Don Spalding was superintendent at Crater Lake National Park from 1967 to 1970. While superintendent Mr. Spalding also served as key man in the planning effort that took place prior to Redwood National Park’s establishment like his predecessor, Len Volz. Once Redwood came into being, he further demonstrated his versatility by setting up the Klamath Falls Group Office in1969.

Preliminary arrangements for this interview were greatly augmented by Ron Mastrogiuseppe, at that time forest ecologist for Redwood National Park. He put me in touch with Bill Donati, another park employee who had worked at Crater Lake from 1968 to 1970 as a district ranger. The three of us met at Mr. Spalding’s residence and participated during the interview.

Materials Associated with this interview on file at the Dick Brown library at Crater Lake National Park’s Steel Visitor Center: taped interview 412191. copies of newspaper articles, personnel list, and notes from interview with Donati. Slide taken at time of interview. Most of this interview is captured on the following transcription. Some explanatory field notes and a separate interview with Mr. Donati are in park files.