F. Owen Hoffman

Owen Hoffman Oral History Interview

Interviewer: Stephen R. Mark, Crater Lake National Park Historian

Interview Location and Date: Crater Lake National Park headquarters, Steel Visitor Center, Dick Brown Library, August 25, 1998.

Transcription: Transcribed by Renee Edwards, September 1998

Biographical Summary (from the interview introduction)

Owen F. Hoffman, seasonal naturalist 1966 – 1968. My first contact with Owen Hoffman’s work came about 10 years ago, when I first ran across his master’s thesis in the park library. Little did I know that former Chief Park Naturalist Bruce Black, who I interviewed in 1988, would bring the two of us together by e-mail in November of last year? A number of messages followed and culminated in Dr. Hoffman arranging his schedule so that he could volunteer for a week during the latter part of August.

Materials Associated with this interview on file at the Dick Brown library at Crater Lake National Park’s Steel Visitor Center

Taped interview; File includes extensive correspondence (most by electronic mail), abstract of his masters thesis (on zooplankton of Crater Lake) and two manuscripts. Copy of thesis in the park library.