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Reference Guide to the Crater Lake National Park Oral History Series

List of Abbreviations

Transcriptions of interviews readily available in the park library are indicated in bold. Other transcribed interviews lacking releases are indicated, though “fn” or “cr” appended to the abbreviation indicates source documents either in the form of field notes or correspondence. Sources except for those indicated in bold are held in the museum collection and/or the park historian’s biographical files.

ABCfn – Allen B. Cherry
ADRfn – A. Douglas “Doug” Roach
AHFfn – Alvord H. France
AHIOH – Albert HackertIOtto Heckert
BaDh – Barbara Dunn
BoPfn – Bob Palmer
BWB – Bruce W. Black
BWBh – Bruce W. Black
CBH – Carroll B. Howe
CFHfn – Charles F. Hudson
CRDcr – Carl R. Dion
CRDfn – Carl R. Dion
DIAB – Richard M. “Dick” Brown and Ann Brown
DIABfn – Richard M. “Dick” Brown and Ann Brown
DDRfn – Donald Robinson and Dagmar Robinson
DWL- Douglas W. Larson
DMS – Donald M. Spalding
DMS fn – Donald M. Spalding
DISR – Douglas Roach and Sadie Roach
DwFfn – Duane “Dewey” Fitzgerald
EaQh – Earl Quackenbush
EmSfn – Emil Stemple
EOMfn – Elva Michael
EUB – Emmett Blanchfield
EUBcr – Emmett Blanchfield
EUBfn – Emmett Blanchfield
EWa – Earl Wall
EWafn – Earl Wall
EWi fn – Ethel Wilkinson
FGL(1) Francis G. Lange
FGL(2) Francis G. Lange
FGLfn Francis G. Lange
FrTfn Fred Tope1
GWFcr – George W. Fry (see also his self-published autobiography)
GWKfn – Glen F. Kaye
GiKfil – Gil Koehler
GFHfil – Glen F. Happel
HA – Howard Arant
HaF – Hazel Frost
HeA – Herbert Armentrout
HHh – Harold Hildreth
WLAh – Howard Arant and Lu Arant
HoHfil – Hope Hedgpeth
JEA – John Eliot Allen
JEAh – John Eliot Allen
JGSh – Jim Sleznick and Gail Sleznick
JhLfn – John Lund
JK – James Kezer
JkHfil – Jack Hollenbeak
JnS – John Salinas
JoLfil – Joan Lawrence
Jo Wfn – John White
JSR – James S. Rouse
JSRfn – James S. Rouse
JWScr – John W. Steinmacher
KSLh – Katherine S. “Kit” Leavitt
LaS – Larry Smith
Lash – Larry Smith
LCM – Lawrence C. Merriam, Jr.
LCMfil – Lawrence C. Merriam, Jr.
LeSh – Lee Sneddon
LiCh – Lincoln Constance
LSC – Luther S. Cressman (see also his autobiography A Golden Journey)
LSCh – Luther S. Cressman
LVE – Larry V. Espey
LVEfh – Lany V. Espey
MaH – Mabel Hedgpeth
MBSh – Marie Betsch Styvers
MLN – Mawin L. Nelson
OIAHfn – Otto Heckert and Albert Hackert
OELh – Ole Lunde and Estelle Lunde
OH – Owen Hoffman
OLWfil – Orthello L. Wallis
OWF – O.W. “Pete” Foiles
PFrfn – Paul Fritz
REB – Robert E. Benton
REBfh – Robert E. Benton
RESfn – Robert E. Stevens
RFLcr – Rudy F. Lueck
RFLfn – Rudy F. Lueck
RHKh – Ruth Hopson Keen
RiCcr – Rita Carstens
R/IRfil – Roy Reed and Ina Reed
RMKil – Raymond M. Kinner
RoPh – Robert “Bob” Pruitt
ROVh – Richard 0. “Dick” Varnum
RSFfn – Robert S. “Bob” Foster
RuPcr – Ruby Presnall
RuS – Russell Sadler
RuSfn – Ruth Schweiker
TEA – T.J. “Jeff’ Adams
TJAfn – Ted E. Arthur
VIM – Vivienne Meola
WBHh – W.B. “Web” Hescock
WFDh – William F. “Bill” Donati
WmDh – William “Bill” Doyle
WRH – Wayne R. Howe
WRHh – Wayne R. Howe
WW – Wendell Wood
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